Wednesday, September 08, 2004


It's kind of strange to write again after...however long it's been.  I feel like I'm sneaking into my bedroom window long past my curfew even though I'm pretty sure I've been caught.

I guess blogging can be as much about what I don't write.

Having said that, school is going well.  It is a bit grating having Italian class on the campus of a Catholic school, but that's to be expected.  I understand why the security guards are so quick to jive strangers on campus.  The school has Hummer golf carts for the guards to patrol on.  Those very expensive Hummer golf carts.

I can imagine the conversation that led to their purchase:

"Gee, Bob, looks like we've helped every single orphaned child in the world.  What shall we do with all this extra money?"

"Hey Ed, let's buy gratuitously expensive golf carts to patrol the campus!"

"The campus that just spent all of 4 minutes walking across?"

"The very same, Ed, the very same."

Later, when we were talking about our weekends in class, a girl boasted in Italian how her friend was drunk and grabbed the cross of her neck.  So, of course, she punched her in the face.  If I had known how to say "Yeah, just like Jesus would have done," in Italian, I would have.

I love hypocrisy.

Eck, break time has been over for a few minutes.  Hey, maybe if Mulk fixes my wireless internet card on my laptop, I'll be able to write more.  So if you haven't heard from me, please direct all complaints to him.

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