Thursday, March 13, 2003

Place Your Bets!

Today I ship out. Odds of me doing something stupid are very good.

They can't exactly throw you off of a cruise, right? Hmm, maybe I'll just be stuck in the brig. Sweet! How many people can say they've been thrown in the brig?

I've been packing most of the night. I'm also trying to decide what books to take with me. So far I have "Soul Mountain" by Gao Xingjian, "From Socrates To Sartre" by T.Z. Lavine, "The Pastoral Poems" by Virgil, and "Dirk Gently's Holistic Detective Agency" by Douglas Adams. I also have a textbook from my philosophy class. Can you read on a ship? I would think that doing so would be worse than reading in a car. I guess I'll figure it out soon enough. Oh, and "The Plague Dogs" by Richard Adams. He wrote "Watership Down," that book about the rabbits that was made into an animated movie and probably disturbed you immensely if, like me, you saw it when you were little. Apparently the book is some kind of "metaphor."

I feel good. And I was just kidding about that doing something stupid part. And about bringing the textbook.

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